Inboard Services

Inboard Service and Tune

Check transom drain plug
Test run, check compression, and download info
Check for proper operating temperature and cooling
Check charging, spark, check/replace sparkplugs & wires
Spray Decarbonizer through engine
Check and change cap and rotor
Check for marine components 

Run Salt-Away through engine
Check choke operation
Check fuel system for proper op, inspect fuel lines, clean and/or replace fuel filter
Replace water separator fuel filter
Change engine oil and filter 

Check condition of belts and tighten
Clean flame arrestor
Change transmission fluid
Grease all fittings
Check fresh water cooling antifreeze, change anode in heat exchanger
Check steering and control cables, check total steering system ease of operation
Check steering, clean and grease, check hydraulic steering system
Check all safety functions
Spray power head with Corrosion Block
Check boat accessories, check instruments and lights, check blower
Check gauges, check horn, check bilge pump and float switch
Check, test and service battery,check battery fluid and fill, charge battery
Replace battery wing nuts with locknuts
Check trailer and trailer lights
Spin test trailer bearings
Check brake operation, check brake fluid
Check spare tire PSI, check tire pressure PSI
Grease bearing buddies
Lube winch, coupler and tongue jack